Miho Bisko

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Miho Bisko

I am a Japanese amateur Euphonium, Trombone and Tenor Horn player and a professional brass instrument music lover ❤️

I organize and translate for international music events as I’ve been working outside Japan for years.

It’s really sad that so many people give up playing the brass instruments just because they aren’t “talented” or “skilled”, like I did before.

It took me almost 7 years to play the brass instruments again since I quit the school band, especially because I wasn’t confident.

But now, I’m back on brass instruments and I wish more and more people feel free to enjoy the musical instruments without too much pressure. Music is just too wonderful to give up!!

I’m trying to encourage people to enjoy playing the musical instruments by showing me truly in love and being very happy playing 🙂

If more and more people continue playing the musical instruments, there’ll be more people interested in musical instruments, attending concerts, and taking a lesson from the professional. So it’ll lead more job opportunities for the professionals! More people can make life as music professionals!

This must contribute to enrich the music culture even more! 🙂

I believe Music is open for everyone, whatever the skill is, whatever the quality of instrument is, even if you don’t own any instrument yet.

I wish people wouldn’t give up on enjoying brass music 🙂

Thank you very much for reading my message till here!!

Wish you a happy music life! 🙂